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Display your pride

Clocks from Pappy’s Place do more than just tell time…they tell a story. Tell your story with a custom neon clock. It’s just what you need to display your passion with pride.

An affordable accessory, pay just $50 for a 13" clock ,  $75 for a 15” clock or $105 for an 18” clock, plus shipping. The 13" and 15” clocks come with a single color neon bulb (available in six colors) while 18” clocks come with two neon bulbs. The 13" and 15" single bulb clock is available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green , white and purple. The 18" double bulb clock always has a white inner bulb and the outer bulb is available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green and white.

Each clock operates on a single AA battery and the neon is powered by a power pack, which plugs into a standard 110 volt plug outlet. The power plug has a 5 1/2 foot cord and uses the power of about 7 watts (a night light bulb). Each clock also has a pull chain located on the bottom of the clock, which allows you to turn the lights off without unplugging the power pack.

Choose or customize your design

Choose from one of many available designs or customize your own design. It’s up to you. Pappy’s Place can also help customize one for you.

Buying more than one clock? Ask about how you can get $5 off your clocks.


Pappy’s Place also sells soap containing four beneficial oils: olive, soybean, hemp and coconut. Additionally, every bar also contains shea butter. Select varieties have special beneficial additives such as Greek yogurt, goats milk, sea salt, mud or tea. Our soaps have a rich lather and outstanding fragrances that will have you coming back for more. 

Why is our soap better?

Why is our soap so much better for you than the big bargain brands? It's not just what’s in our soap, it's also what’s not in it. There are no lauryl sulfates, petroleum or parabens. They also do not contain palm oil. 

100% of the ingredients for our soaps are sourced from within the United States. All of the dyes and fragrances are 100% safe for your body and have been proved gentle enough for even young children and toddlers. Our soaps help soothe acne and eczema.

We normally carry 20-25 fragrances at any time and usually have a fragrance or two to match the seasons. We have fragrances to match everyone. Whether you like tropical, earthy, clean, fresh, warm, homey, in-your-face or nice and gentle, we have a fragrance just for you.

We didn't forget the guys either. We carry male fragrances and several unisex fragrances like Bay Rum, Sandalwood, and Cool Spring Scrub.

What our customers say:

I love your soap because it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. You have a wide variety of scents to choose from which makes it easy to shop for myself, as well as friends and family. I also love that the soaps are made from natural ingredients so I don't have to worry about all those chemicals.

- Bethany C.

Love, love, love the soap! Thank you again. I will most definitely be ordering more soap.

- Judy Z.

Soap prices:

  • 5.5oz bar -- $3.00 + shipping
  • 1 bar -- $3.00 + shipping
  • 2 bars -- $5.50 + shipping
  • 3 bars -- $8.00 + shipping
  • 4 or more bars -- $2.50 each + shipping
  • Bricks are also available for $18.00 each + shipping (contains 9 bars cut)